Today is my one year anniversary of being married to the best wife I could ask for: Elizabeth Bone. We took the time during dinner to reflect on the highs and lows of the first year. But it was the message my good friend Greg Martin gave that really made me think differently about the woman across from me. The theme he chose for our mission trip to Joplin, Missouri is iGetOne.
The life we live truly is a fragile thing. In the last few years I have seen the destruction of two sacred things: life and love. Each heartwrenching story I am sure could be matched by any of you reading this post. That is why the following challenge should hit home.
We have been given a sacred gift of life. Every second that passes by is a choice to act or sit. When Jesus was questioned on what the greatest commandments were he said "love God, love people" (my paraphrase). Using those precious moments of life to love people is the most respectable and righteous thing you can do. How many times have we wasted precious days of our lives (I don't mean the soap opera)?
Every day that I do not intentionally love my wife, or love on my family, or love on my friends or teens I waste. No life ever gets sustainably better without love. God IS love. I must use the two sacred gifst to their potential. I have been given one life to live. So have you. Are we living it intentionally?
Ernie Brancheau
7/16/2012 03:28:32 pm

Awesomeness Bro....Loving GOD allows us to Love People........

7/17/2012 02:37:21 pm

I'm happy that you're doing well. Happiness is always good.


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