"Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character."
-I Corinthians 15:33

    After talking about one of my favorite subjects of community, I began to connect more of the pieces of the puzzle to the benefits of Christian brother/sisterhood. Though I do not personally believe we evolved from a lesser species, I do think we have a tendency as humans to want to blend in with our surroundings. We have a chameleon nature about us, wanting mostly to avoid danger and eat our share of the food, breath our share of the oxygen. We tend to shift our existence around pleasing others or ourselves.
    So why is it so important to be around like minded believers regularly? We all are connected to a community of some sort, whether Facebook, church, Twitter, or any club one could possibly join. Most will seek out community, even if it is just a few members of their own family. Once this community is found or formed, the members connect. Though one cannot choose their family, most still tend towards being similar to their family. All this to say, the probability of becoming like those you are around most is very high.
    Everyone is different. I am not sure if you have noticed this yet or not. But they are. So if people who are around each other the most become like each other, why are we all still so different? I do not want to share words, thoughts or intentions of God as if they are fact, for I cannot know the full extent of them, but here is my perspective: God made us each unique, so that as a whole, we represent what He is/loves. How can we possible show the world who God is? Each individual can show wonderful glimpses of God, but the whole Body of Christ reflects God. 
    Yes we are sinful. Yes we are broken. God uses us anyway. One of Satan's greatest victories has been in dividing the church. If the Body of Christ pooled their resources on a local level, they could accomplish unthinkable feats. Now imagine the potential of a global connectivity of Christians pooling their talents, gifts, resources, and will. I have seen small groups of teenagers do phenomenal things when they got inspired to accomplish God's work. What could we do as a whole? A body missing parts does not function as well. It still works, but not to maximum potential. Let us be the best at what/who we are. Be the best finger, or toe, or elbow skin you can possibly be. We won't be the same without you.

10/18/2012 02:13:43 am

Questions to consider:

1. What is it that causes us to become like those we are around the most?

2. What few things can you do to surround yourself with "good/God company"?

3. Is a good community something you seek out? Why or Why not?

4. Name your top 3 communities you interact with.
Now put them in order of importance.
Do you spend most of your time in the most important one? Why?

5. Think of your favorite community to be part of. How can we strive for Christian community to be most appealing? Are you helping make that better?

6. Consider what it would take to strengthen and build your local Christian community.


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