There are some things in life that just make you wonder. The sign to the left was one of those for me, but it was in China, so I shouldn't be that surprised! The instructions here draw a great parallel to our mind. 
    First instruction: Do not stand on the toilet seat. This simply means use the facilities properly. In China, many people still use "squatty potties". This place had a stool, so people might get confused... Our minds are made for great things. If we don't use them properly we can damage them. We soak in anything and everything that goes on around us. God instructs us to be surrounded by good people who will pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace.
    Part two is about smoke. There are many things in this world that fog our vision (or lungs). We should run from these things! Things like TV, music, movies, and the internet all have large amounts of crap that distort the truth. We're often living in a fog of pop culture. I mean, why would you give someone your phone number after you just met them and say "call me, maybe"? Rant begin:  IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE IN THE REAL WORLD SO WHY PUT IT IN YOUR BRAIN THROUGH MUSIC!!! end rant...
    The world is broken and sinful. Things will happen to you and you will interact with a bad influence at some and several points in your life. The phrase I once heard that I will sensor: S#!t happens, so wipe! My apologies if that was a bit too crude for you, but it gets the point across. Discard all waste that is not beneficial to your life and walk with God. Quickly to follow that statement is the last instruction: FLUSH. We should make it a daily habit to flush our system of filth, and clean it with God's word. 
    This sign has the instructions for righteous living... never would have guessed huh?! Aloha means hello and goodbye in Hawaii. So Aloha Management means (to me): hello good life, goodbye harmful waste!

11/8/2012 01:54:10 am

Small group questions:

1. Why don't we filter everything that goes into our most valuable asset, our brain?

2. Why are poverty stricken kids in Africa often more happy than us?

3. What can we do to start being intentional about putting "good programming" into our minds (ex: scripture)?

4. What do you think the human mind is capable of? (be specific)

5. What kind of things blurr or fog our spiritual vision?

6. What are you going to apply from this content into your life today?


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