One of my favorite people in the Bible is King David. I could go on and on about all his accolades and the reasons he is my favorite, but I'm not going to talk about David today. I want to talk about his great-great grandmother. Her story is mentioned in the book of Joshua, but it wasn't until Rick Dake spoke today that I connected the dots. Her name was Rahab.
    Rahab was famous for two big reasons: first she helped the Israelites conquer her own people and city, Jericho and second she was a woman prostitute. Foreigners were not spoken of highly in those days, let alone the fact that she was a woman! But God's plan and great mercy shows up yet again.
    God can and does use anyone who is willing. Rahab heard about the wonderous things God did for the Israelites (exodus from Egypt) and was willing to do whatever it took to serve the one true God. All too often I realize how numb I have become to God's wonders. Rahab was not. Though her profession at the time was prostitution, she was still capable of helping God's plan. She was willing.
    The Bible does not tell us we can only do great things for God after we become righteous and holy. Rahab shows us we can do it wherever we are at. Not only did she do that, but she went on to have some pretty famous descendants. Boaz was her son, who is mentioned in the funny picture above. There were also several kings who came from her line like David and Solomon. And from David's line came Jesus himself. Jesus was a descendant of Rahab. So let's let God use us right where we are at, smoothing out the rough spots as we go. You never know who might show up to ask a favor of you, in turn changing your life and saving your family...

7/9/2012 06:26:39 am

Praise God!


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