"Do not have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels." - II Timothy 2:23

    It is amazing to me how millions of uninformed people have loud verbal OPINIONS of political happenings (I am also guilty of a lack of knowledge in politics). I am as passionate as the next guy about getting this once great country back to the standings of days since past. America was once the source of hope worldwide. It was built on the foundations of freedom and liberty, rooted in Christian morals and work ethic. Much has changed since those days of old.
    I hear stories of the old days when teenagers worked full time in brutal factories to support their family. I read the Federalist Papers from America's founding generation that were written to the commoners, knowing the majority of Americans today couldn't understand most of it. I see political debates today that thousands on Twitter and Facebook voice what they believe to be right. But I see no change. At least no change for the better.
    How many of us still stick to the standards of "if you won't work, you won't eat"? How many of us spend time learning what the Constitution or Declaration of Independence says? And how many of us know what God says about how we should live? I hear far more foolish and stupid arguments today than I see people trying to do something that will actually help our current situation. We (myself included) spend more time complaining and arguing than doing and learning. I am equally frustrated with my own lack of Constitutional knowledge as I am with the political vomit on the web. The fact is our strong religious foundations are on the fringe of vanishing in the United States. Our country that gave us the freedom to be this complacent is falling quickly. 
    I am NOT trying to have a political debate on here. I am calling my fellow Americans to (figuratively) pick up arms and fight for freedom. But more than that I am asking Christians to stop the chatter and start the learning. Know your Bible, your government, your rights. Then fight.
    The picture is round two of "I want you"... but this time from Uncle Duncan, not Uncle Sam.

10/4/2012 04:07:23

Questions to consider:
1) What will it take to be more serious about learning what we believe? (i.e. faith, politics)
2) What are other examples of stupid arguments and controversies that we are often involved in?
3) How can we prevent those?
4) "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is building others up according to their needs."
What do you think about this Bible verse? How do we get better at this?
5) y=10^2+b if you have never tried to find the slope of something you would have no idea what this means. Where do we start in finding answers to complex Biblical and political questions?
6)When political debates happen, what is your response?

Ben Cassiday
10/4/2012 04:17:08

Love It.
Great job man

Matt Wright
10/4/2012 14:08:38

I couldn't agree with the message more, and I think the picture of you pointing directly into my soul helps add to the overall intensity of the piece


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