Wait, what? Something is not right about that title. Yet there is a common theme among all four categories: addiction. Each has a different enticing pull. Some start you out slow and through the course of gradual increases a person gets dependent. Others release a chemical in your brain that causes an instant desire to recreate the initial feeling, only to be severely disappointed when it misses the mark. 
    I was told about a drug in which the first time it is taken, it essentially makes a certain area of your brain burst with excitement, literally. That area affected is destroyed completely after the first dose, giving the user the false expectation of that same high for the second, never to experience it again. I rarely (actually have never) come across a person who exclaims "I'm so glad I lost my virginity to that person before marriage". And one of the sneakiest ones of all is alcohol, that can in many cases be completely fine, harming nothing. But all it takes is a bad day and bottle of your drink of choice to develop a dependency. 
    But what about this Jesus character. How does one become addicted to a person. Well that is quite simple if you survey middle school girls about Justin Beiber or One Direction... people addictions are quite real. There was even a pop song that talked about it: "I'm adic, I'm addicted to you". Oh how different we would look if we were so consumed with Christ that the world debated our sanity. The Apostle Paul was one of the most famous addicts of all time. He was what modern people would call a prude; until he overdosed on Jesus on the road to Demascus, never to be himself again. He was so strung out he changed his name from Saul to Paul. Then he changed the world, leading the worldwide revolution of love with a group of about 11 or 12 other addicts.
    Their lifestyle changed. Their actions changed. Their pursuits changed. People all around them couldn't help but to take a hit of the most potent, life changing addiction ever to grace this earth: Jesus. If the American government was overthrown and made religion illegal, could you be accused of this addiction? Would they try to send you to C.A.(Christians Anonymous)? I would be a straight felon... Ready to start the rebellion... with some God raps in my melon... Just kidding... or am I bidding?

Those emails and post that tell you to "repost if you believe" bother me... so keep this to yourself lol

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