Every once in a while we come across concepts that blow our minds. I have one of those for you:

    If you and I both looked at the same strawberry we would probably agree that the color of it is red. Why do we both agree that what we are looking at is the same? The answer is that we have both been told our whole lives that the title of the color of the strawberry is red. How do we know though that we see the same color? What if my color spectrum is flipped? What if my eyes actually reported to my brain a blue color for everything that was red. How would I ever know? How does one know what the other person actually sees?
    The answer is we don't know. If I saw the world in negatives like the picture above, I would not know the difference unless someone could see the world through my eyes. This is where a person's "worldview" comes into play. Most of us never try to think outside of our own worldview, even though we might have a skewed perspective from what the rest of the world sees. In fact, we all have a skewed perspective. 
    The situations and events that occur during our life shape how we see new situations. No two people see every situation the exact same way. Some people may think very similarly, but not exactly the same. Once we begin to understand that simple fact, we can start to view situations differently. The hard fact to swallow as a Christian is that we are not the main character in the story God is telling.
    Here is a confusion statement at first glance: God is NOT the author and perfecter of our lives. We are not the hero/heroine in the story. We are merely role players. He IS the author and perfecter of our faith. Our faith is a small part of God's overall redemption story. He redeemed us from our brokenness, and gives us guidance to perfect our faith through His word. Our goal should not be for a perfect life, but perfect faith. Lest we forget: Jesus is the hero. Jesus is the main character.
    So as we go about life inevitably interacting with other people, just remember they, as well as you, have a skewed view of the world. God is the only one who can perfectly see the big picture. Let us take a step back from ourselves and try to see the world through God's eyes. It will inspire you. It will free you from giving others the ability to hurt you. It might even help you see God. But it might scare you. Let it.

What if these colors were all I ever saw...

10/11/2012 01:58:09 am

Questions to consider:
1. Have everyone read the blog... write down in one sentence what stands out to you most. Then read to the group... Did anyone write down word for word the same thing? Why?

2. What are some life events that can effect how you see the world? (ex: travel over seas, loved one dies, marriage, birth,...)

3. Trying to explain spiritual things is like trying to explain color to someone who can only see black and white... How would you explain faith?

4. What do you think perfect faith looks like?

5. If you looked at every situation in life from a "big picture, God's picture" perspective, how would your daily actions change?

6. How do you improve your spiritual sight? What are you/can you do to improve?

Ben Cassiday
10/11/2012 08:45:13 am

Love it man. Your ideas on color perspective have been my exact thoughts before. I really enjoyed how you tied that to faith

Duncan Bone
10/11/2012 09:25:10 am

Thanks Ben! It has been on my heart for a long time. Combined with a few more concepts I think I might write a book on it

Your Wife
10/16/2012 12:55:37 pm

Just found this and thought of your blog post:
"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin


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