You don't have to watch the video just listen as you read.

    Have you ever thought about how much your senses are attached to your emotions? Why is it that when we smell the perfume of a significant other we are filled with warm tender feelings, or if we make a tackle in football that gives us a headache we are glad we made the hit. But if those same senses are applied to different situations we get angry. Like if you catch the scent of someone from a past, bad relationship we get mad, or if someone drops a book on our head on purpose we are fuming. It goes with the saying "if someone spits in your face does it make you angry?.. (answers yes).. No it makes you wet.
    The song Amazing Grace is a powerful song. I have heard it often during my 24 years on this planet, but it is only when it is played with the bagpipes that it makes me tear up. When I hear that version I automatically think of the man I was named after; my Grandfather. He passed away eleven years ago. My dad's family is very proud of their Scottish heritage and this song is no acception. We love bagpipes, especially Amazing Grace. It incites powerful emotion for me.
    At the core of it, really all we hear is wind moving through a specially crafted instrument of cloth, wood, and plastic. But my emotion goes wild still. Logically we know movies are not real, but we still feel tense, excited, scared, love, joy, or anger when watching. When someone flatulates (farts) some get mad, others laugh. All this tells me emotion is volatile. So should be try to erase them?
    Emotion is like a hammer. It can be used to build up great things or tear them down. God has given us this gift of emotion to use properly. We have to power to build others up through encouragement and affirmation, inciting good emotion into the lives of others. Let us build a foundation worth building upon.

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