In the mid 1700's, few colonial Americans knew about the drastic transformations that would occur by the turn of the century. In his book, Freedom Shift, Oliver DeMille talks about what it took for the one of the greatest movements of freedom in history to unfold. The common perception is that everyone living in the fledgling colonies was angry with England. In reality only about 2 or 3% of the population of that day had any part in starting and carrying out the American Revolution. It was just a small group of committed men who signed their lives away on the Declaration of Independence. These men changed the world.

    I have the privilege of meeting with a small group of young men on Friday mornings before they head off to their high school classrooms. Each one of them has a passion for bettering the world around them by first bettering themselves. They make me better by their presence. There is a greatness about them that is uncommon. I do not fear for our future with such good men coming to lead. Their names are as follows: Nick, William, Clark, Gary, Tommy B, Grant, Tommy H, Cam, Mitch, Adam, Mack, Bo, Carter, Jake, and Jimmy. Others I am sure will join this group for the sheer fact of associating with awesomeness.

    DeMille puts a stress on three things that need to happen to allow freedom to reign: a small group of committed people who are 1) veracious readers/independent thinkers, 2) successful entrepreneurs, and 3) tribal leaders. The guys I spend time with have the capacity to be the type of people who can change the world like the signer of the Declaration of Independence. Are you willing to become the type of person it takes to change the world? If your answer is yes, let's talk.

I encourage you to read The Declaration of Independence as a reminder of the world the founding fathers tried to create: 

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