One of the most powerful moments in any war movie is when it seems that all hope is lost, and then the nearly failed hero looks up to see the hills lined with his friends who came to help. My favorite of all of these is in the movie Braveheart, where the English are trying to catch William Wallace. The English horsemen chased a few of Wallace's men, thinking they had them trapped against the highland cliffs. Wallace then emerged above them with a host of men telling the English they were done.

This past week I had the privilege of baptizing teens at Simpson Park Camp. As the ceremonies began I looked up from the pond to see people filing over the hill to witness changing lives. The symbolism here gives me the chills. Every person that came to watch was not just there for entertainment. They were there to show those getting baptized that they were not alone. They were entering not only a community of support, but a group of fellow warriors who were about to go to battle with them.

Spiritual warfare is real. We were never meant to go to battle alone. Jesus sent out the disciples in pairs. Elisha had an angelic army protecting him and the village he was in. Paul had Timothy. Peter, James, and John were always together. The Church of Acts met together every day, sharing all and NO ONE had a need. It's time to be those who come over the hill. Remind each other of the reason we need to be united: the battle.

8/8/2012 08:29:24 am

You are an amazing writer Duncan. Thank you for sharing the highlights of last week and fit the encouragement to step out and stand up!


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