This post is not for the weak of heart. You have been warned.

Mentors have a way of telling you the things you need to hear. In recent days one of my mentors said something to me that might as well have been a kick to the groin. "If you are not using your God given talents and abilities to their full potential, you are being a disgrace to your Creator."


What would I be capable of doing if I was disciplined enough to use what I have been given to it's maximum potential? I cannot even remember the last time I put considerable amounts of engery and time towards honing and using what and who I am. I am not wasting my time and gifts. I have been wasting God's. Can you imagine making a feast for a man who is starving, and instead of eating it, he just plays with it or gives it to the pigs?

God has given me more than I deserve. I have not used those gifts to their potential. I know I'm not the only one. Rise up brothers and sisters. Do what you know you can, including keeping me accountable and let's use what God has given.


Yvonne Brassat
08/01/2012 12:00am

Wow! I'm at a loss of words right now.
I think, unfortunately everyone of us needs a wake up call like this every once in a while, not just you!

ryan marken
08/01/2012 3:29am

Love it Duncan. Powerful stuff.

08/01/2012 11:53pm

Powerful stuff Duncan. Thanks for pushing us to be better and to glorify our creator.


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